Hailed as “the most impressive one-man band you will ever see” by Unilad when they showcased him to their 44 million followers, Cam Cole is a singer, songwriter, busker and new age traveler from London, UK who roams around performing on streets and venues as his one man band show influenced by Folk, Delta Blues, Grunge and Rock N' Roll.

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Cam's music is available on Vinyl, CD, Download and all major streaming services.


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"In Unleash, Cam Cole masterfully melds personal and musical evolution into an album that resonates deeply. With his fearless approach to musical experimentation and a profound connection to life’s vibrations, Cam Cole has undeniably “unleashed” a masterpiece that will reverberate with listeners’ hearts and souls."

- The Bridge Mag -

"Cam Cole is clearly a genre-smasher and a game-changer in the world of guitar music, delivering might, finesse, and innovation in equal measure."

- Rock & Blues Muse -

"“Boasting infectious raw energy and spine-tingling electric guitars, the artist propels us into his high-octane world and serves up his own unique blend of escapism and heavy rock.”"

- Wonderland Magazine -

"Cam Cole’s sound fits in with the likes of Royal Blood and Rage Against The Machine, providing an escape from the mundane and a ferocious sound to help listeners release some of the pent-up energy anyone might be feeling in a time like today."

- New Noise Magazine -


Watch the offical music video for the new single "Vibes" here.

Live in Charlotte
Cam live at Charlotte Neighborhood Theatre from his 2023 USA tour.

Jamming in the studio
Cam laying down some blues grooves on his Farmer Footdrums and a Mule Resonator guitar.